“All About Her” is exactly that – all about Chloe. Lucifer just can’t ever keep his partner happy and, when Linda says to put himself in her shoes, he does exactly that. But now how one would expect. This episode brings us back to current events and with that, a new murder to solve. After revealing himself as Cain, Pierce goes to transfer from the station but this episode puts a halt to it. Linda and Amenadiel basically start a relationship in this episode and Maze isn’t very happy about that. The episode ends with Lucifer having a revelation about why his wings returned… God wanted to thwart Pierce/Cain’s big plan to finally die. He had heard that Lucifer’s being around Chloe had made him vulnerable, physically speaking, and had hoped for the same. Ah, back to Lucifer always making things about himself. That’s where “All About Her” leaves us.

Lucifer loves to make things about himself and spends all of his time wondering, “Why me?” He never actually takes charge or tries to get to the root of his problems. He loves to put bandaids on his wounds and follow the next hair-brained plan to potentially get to the bottom of things. Much like a man, he can be incredibly selfish and inept when it comes to thinking about others. This episode sees Lucifer exhibiting his masculine traits when it comes to that, not showing his softer more feminine side at all. Will Lucifer ever figure things out? The world doesn’t revolve around him, but maybe it does.

Shared by: Gavi VanBoxtel
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