Amelia Bechdel Test: Fails 

This episode is focused on the doctors dealing with the trauma and aftermath of losing their friend and colleague Derek Shepherd. In this episode, Amelia’s interactions are with Owen and Richard. Amelia’s interactions are all with men as she tries to figure out how to handle the loss of her brother, which makes this episode to fail the Bechdel test. Even though Amelia was not subject to flattery, yielding, and emotional, which are signs of feminine traits they’re are overcome with her masculine traits which were her willingness to take a stand, being aggressive, being forceful, and having strong body language that is seen in this episode. 

Sex Role Analysis


  • Amelia is not subject to flattery in this episode as even though she knows Richard is trying to be her sobriety buddy and take her to a meeting. However, Amelia knows that going with him will force her to come to terms that her brother is dead.
  • Amelia is yielding at the end of her discussion with Owen as she listens and complies with him as he reminds Amelia that if she does not stay clean that it will not be her last time taking drugs.
    • Body lunge & Dress:
      • In her interaction with Owen, she is unhinged and expressive, which is seen as more feminine. She is seen as emotional as she comes to terms that her brother is really dead. Being emotional is more seen as being feminine.


  • Amelia is seen willing to take a stand in her first scene with Owen. She knows that at this point she’s not mentally prepared to grief and accept the fact that her brother is dead. However, she confides in Owen because she does not want to give up her sobriety.
  • Amelia is seen as forceful in this episode as she goes off at Richard as she reminds him that she has work to do. 
    • This is seen when Amelia is talking to Richard as she tries to get him off her back by stating “My job is not to make you feel better about me”.
  • Amelia’s forceful personality is seen in this episode as even though she doesn’t want to feel that pain anymore, she knows that if she doesn’t get help that a slip-up in her sobriety will damage her.
  • Amelia becomes aggressive as she talks to Richard for the first time in this episode. This is seen as Amelia raises her voice at him as even though he was only trying to help, she knows that she will feel guilty if she takes time away from her patient to allow herself time to grieve.
      • Body lunge & Dress:
    • When auguring with Richard Amelia is seen as having good posture showing that she has power and is not seen as someone who should be messed with until the end when she starts to make a scene. 


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