Background: Pac-Man is a maze arcade game developed and released by Namco in 1980. The game quickly became a massive and as of 2016, the franchise has generated over 14 billion dollars in revenue. Pacman is also commonly rated as the most recognizable icon in video game history, beating such mascots as Sonic or even Mario.


Plot: The thrilling and emotional story of Pac-man centers on a brave, round hero who finds himself hunted by terrifying ghosts as he attempts to eat as many dots as he can in a never ending struggle.  Tragically, in the end Pacman always succumbs to his inevitable death at the hands of his supernatural foes.


Bechdel Test: No.


Gender and Media Relevance: The creator of the game Toru Iwatani has gone on record as saying that he intended Pac-man to be a game that both boys and girls could enjoy. While other arcade games at the time focused on high octane action and explosions, Pac-man’s content was devoid of any masculine or feminine traits, and enjoyed by all.


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