Season 1 Episode 20 – TVD “Blood Brothers” with the Sex Role Perspective

Defying and Reinforcing Masculine Stereotypes

  • Damon and Stefan are in vulnerable states as they contemplate whether or not they’re going to complete transition. Damon is completely distraught over the loss of Katherine, showcasing his emotional, sincere vulnerability. Damon defies the strong, masculine stereotype of withholding his emotions by becoming consumed by his feelings. 
  • Stefan reinforces masculine stereotype as he continuously acts violent and aggressive towards those who attempt to care for him – especially towards Elena his girlfriend (toxic masculinity of asserting dominance in romantic relationship)  

Defying and Reinforcing Feminine Stereotypes

  • Pearl goes on a dinner date with Jonathan Gilbert, and as he taunts her and makes fun of her past relationships, she abruptly stands up and snaps at him. This simple act of talking back to Jonathan shows how she asserts her dominance, defying the feminine stereotype of being submissive. 
  • Anna reinforces the feminine stereotype by being gentle and caring with Jeremy, the stereotypical caring feature of a woman. 

Shared by: Alexis Masino
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