“Blast from the Past” would have been a better title to this episode than “City of Angels?” as that is what we receive this time. The episode goes back some time, before Lucifer met Chloe, before Chloe was even a detective, and before Cloe and Dan went and had Trixie. So quite some time, at least. We find Amenadiel trying to coax Lucifer back to hell yet again, but return he does not. Instead, we witness yet another crime except this one ties both angels and Chloe, Dan and co. together before the alliance that the show always focuses on. Interesting! This episode shows us more of Lucifer’s masculine side, with him having escapades with beautiful women and forever rueing his father. As this all takes place before Lucifer officially meets Chloe, it would seem that all of Lucifer’s self-doubt is far in the future. He is at ease with himself and in love with the mortal world and all it has to offer. We see Lucifer being used as man candy and of course, he doesn’t mind it. He sexualizes himself as usual and has a bunch of fun doing so. It’s crazy how much Lucifer tends to defy the sex-role stereotypes, as he doesn’t have a job, really, and is rarely seen working as males usually would be on TV. The man loves to have fun, and fun loves to have him. The only leadership role he has to his name is that he is the devil, the king of hell more or less. That is perhaps all to be gained from this episode. King of hell, more like king of fun (and perhaps being attractive).

Shared by: Gavi VanBoxtel
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