It’s concert time, however as usual something goes wrong.

Feminine Traits: 

  • Cheerful – got concert tickets and is happy about it 
  • Loyal – sticking with her friend on the lie to her mother, wanting her to come with her 
  • Sensitive to others needs – wanting to help her friend more when her mom had originally said no 
  • Warm – loves to hear about her boyfriend and when others are talking about him. 

Masculine Traits: 

  • Defends own beliefs – when someone comes after her mom for having Rory so young, she defends her 
  • Willing to take a stand – telling her friends to not go when they want to leave the concert to go with boys 


This episode is another episode where there is a mix. However, overall I feel that Rory is more feminine as there are more feminine traits.

Shared by: Hannah Bues
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