Rory goes on a double date, but she lies to her mom!!

Feminine Traits: 

  • Sensitive to others needs – wanting to help her friend get set up with a guy 
  • Loyal – still with her boyfriend 
  • Affectionate – with her boyfriend 
  • Sympathetic – feeling bad when her mom finds out that she lied to her. 
  • Compassionate – when her friend had to be stuck at home Rory felt bad for her. 
  • Cheerful – excited when her mom did well on her exam 


Masculine Traits: 

  • Defends own beliefs – sticking up for her friend 


Overall, I feel that Rory is more feminine in this episode as we can see from the traits above. This is once again another episode where Rory is more feminine.

Shared by: Hannah Bues
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