Relative Size: The largest character is Thanos although he is in the background of the poster. Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor are also notably larger than the women characters. Captain Marvel and Black Widow are relatively the same size as other male characters, Okoye is slightly smaller, but Nebula is the smallest character portrayed on the whole poster.

Feminine Touch: Absent. Black widow, Okoye, and Nebula grip weapons and Captain Marvel takes a dominant pose

Function Ranking: Absent

The Family: Absent

Ritualization of Subordination: Thanos, Iron Man,  and Thor are all visually above the women characters. However, the women are on the same level as several other male characters like Captain America, Ant man, and Rhodney. The women are also above Hawkeye and Rocket

Licensed Withdrawal: No one maintains direct eye contact with the viewer

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