For my 19th portfolio post, I decided to look at a commercial from YSL beauty. I had not yet looked at commercials from this company and was pleasantly surprised.

  • relative size — absent
  • feminine touch — present, at 33 seconds we are shown the female lead overlooking a city while performing feminine touch. Again, at 46 seconds we are she performs feminine touch around a fire.
  • function ranking — absent
  • the family — absent
  • ritualization of subordination — absent
  • licensed withdrawal — present, this display is widely used in this commercial. most obviously during the dancing scene from 24-30 seconds. Again licensed withdrawal is used  at 40 and 43 seconds.

What stood out to me about this commercial was the confident and powerful body language of the female lead throughout the commercial. I never felt like the lead was being presented as sensitive or delicate which I think is a dangerous message to give to young women. Furthermore, I was glad to see another commercial for perfume that chose to not include a male lead.

Shared by: Christopher Zelinski
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