Rory finally gets back together with her boyfriend!

Feminine Traits: 

  • Emotional – gets sentimental when she finds the box of her old stuff with her ex boyfriend that her mom was supposed to throw away 
  • Cheerful – happy that she has a new outlook on life after her discussion with her mom
    • Her and her mother both have good news to share at the end of the episode and they are very happy about it. 
  • Eager to soothe hurt feelings – finally wanting to make up with her ex boyfriend and apologize for what all happened 
    • Wanting to make someone at school feel better when they think she is going on a date with a boy this girl likes when she really isn’t  
    • When her ex boyfriend randomly shows up at their school she wants to make things right 
  • Childlike – upset when her ex boyfriend decided to change his shifts and is not there when she thought he would be. 
  • Shy – when she was supposed to go to her ex boyfriends to talk to him she backs out at the last minute 
  • Sensitive to others needs – brought her notes to school to help her friend out 
  • Affectionate – finally expresses her true feelings to her ex boyfriend and that she loves him. She then kisses him forcefully. 


Masculine Traits: None

Rory is feminine in this episode as there are no masculine traits shown.

Shared by: Hannah Bues
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