While this episode is all about Maze, we can still see what Lucifer is doing and what he’s going through. Pierce and Chloe are more public than ever now, and of course Lucifer is insisting that he is fine. What is the point? Maze ends up getting framed for a murder, in a sense, as she did kill the victim but she is also… innocent? Very confusing to be honest. Chloe and Pierce have an intimate conversation where she removes the bullet necklace Lucifer had gifted her. If she didn’t care for Lucifer the same way he cares for her, then why would she have to remove the necklace? Make it make sense!

Lucifer in this episode is more morose than anything. He’s back to bottling things up and not caring, which seems to be a rather masculine trait. He says he’s fine with Chloe and Lucifer but we all know that he isn’t. He’s lost Chloe and doesn’t know how to deal with it. Along with that, he doesn’t want to lose Maze either. He is very vulnerable and afraid of making more mistakes, of suffering more losses. Lucifer is more in touch with his immortal side than he realizes, at least that’s what the episode hinted on.

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