Rory is still working on getting over her breakup.

Feminine Traits: 

  • Feminine – still trying to help her mom find a “fake” boyfriend as a game
  • Emotional – still upset over her breakup from her ex. Dean 
  • Childlike – still not going to places her ex might be to avoid seeing him 
    • Upset when her friend is just doing schoolwork with her ex boyfriend 
    • Running away to her grandparents after the fight with her mom 
  • Sensitive to others needs – eager to hear how her mother is feeling after her grandmother brings up the fact that she’s knows she’s there 
  • Eager to soothe hurt feelings – wanting to apologize for running away to her mom 
  • Cheerful – her mood has changed now that she has done through her tantrum and talked to her mother about everything. 


Masculine Traits: 

  • Forceful – getting very defensive with everyone about anything due to her being upset about Dean 
  • Willing to take risks – leaving without letting her mother know where she is going 


While there are more masculine traits than usual in this episode, Rory is overall more feminine.

Shared by: Hannah Bues
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