During this episode, Pam, Oscar, Darryl, and Michael go to Valley View High School for a job fair. They are trying to recruit kids for internships at Dunder Mifflin.

Masculine Traits-

  • Because of the job fair, Darryl dresses up. In front of the entire office Michael says “why are you dressed like you are applying for a loan?”
  • Michael says that Pam will be eye candy.
  • In the middle of Pam talking to a high schooler named Justin, Michael interrupts and says that he does not belong at Dunder Mifflin. He also said that he should be a janitor.
  • Michael sends Pam back to the office to get a sheet of Dunder Mifflin paper rather than non-under Mifflin paper that she got from her old art room.
  • Dwight calls Michael to tell him that the entire office has left except for him and Angela. He answers the phone with “what do you want”
  • When Michael sees Oscar playing basketball at another booth and he takes one of the balls and says “game over” and kicks the ball in the gym full of people.
  • Michael introduces Pam to Justin as “the office hottie and that she will do him”
  • Michael commanders the microphone and says that all of the other companies suck.

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