Toby leaves this episode.

Masculine Traits- 

  • Michael is so excited that Toby is leaving the company. He was there before everybody because he is so happy that he is leaving.
  • Michael wants to make sure that the going away party is so amazing that he is putting his own money into the party.
  • Because the new HR lady is apart of HR, by association, he hates her and is ripping on her behind her back.
  • Toby comes into Michaels office and Michael immediately says “do you still work here”
  • Toby wants to introduce Holly, the new HR lady to Michael and he says “naaaa”
  • Because Michael says that Toby tortured him with his existence.
  • Michael says that “of all the idiots, in all the idiot villages, and the idiot world, you are the biggest idiot.” to Toby during his exit interview.
  • Michael mouths “ill kill you” to Toby during his interview.
  • Michael gives Toby a rock with “suck on this” written on it for a going away gift.

Feminine Traits- 

  • Michael goes back to check on Holly to see how her first day is going.
  • Michael says that he is head over heels for Holly and is being really nervous around her
  • Michael sings a song about Toby leaving that is rather sweet.
  • Michael is being so nice to Jan when he finds out that she is pregnant.

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