This episode the office is going to have a local television ad made. The office is filled with excitement that they are going to be on television. There are many ideas as to what the ad is going to look like. During this episode, we see a different side of Michael; a more feminine and nurturing side.

Masculine Traits- 

  • When a representative of the ad company says that “you time is valuable” Michael responds with, “actually I don’t get paid by the hour anymore, I get paid by the year.”
  • When the ad company shows Michael what they did he says “wow that sucks, we can do better than that!”
  • After Creed, Darryl, Kelly, Kevin, and Andy are done making their song, Michael comes in and demands that they re-do it because he wanted more of a rap. After they do it again, Michale demands them to stop saying that he hates it and it’s terrible.

Feminine Traits- 

  • The first thing in the episode is Michael asking everybody what they want to be in the ad. He is letting everybody contribute.
  • Michael dismisses the ad company, and vouches for the office saying that they all are creative and will come up with the ad themselves.
  • After Jim puts their own commercial in the DVD player, the office watches it at a bar. Because of this, Michael get very happy and buys everybody a round of drinks.

Shared by: Ian Chomeau
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