This episode of Lucifer shows us his more heroic side, so to speak. Lucifer can’t sleep as of late, and starts to hear stories about an angel saving people in the city. He can’t believe it, but all of the evidence points to him flying in his sleep and saving people from different crimes. Chloe and Pierce are seemingly in love, and Maze is trying to fix her mistakes. The crimes in this episode are unbelievable and include a drug addict, a paid actor and a pregnant woman. Once we reach the end of the episode, Lucifer realizes he was being lied to by Maze… and the plan to get Chloe to fall in love with Pierce comes to fruition. Pierce thought that if he made her fall in love with him, his curse would break, and he could finally die. However, that wasn’t exactly the case. Once Lucifer figures this out, he goes to Chloe’s before going to Pierce’s to confront him about everything. While he wasn’t the hero saving people in the beginning of the episode, he did come in and save Chloe. So to speak, she’ll of course have to get over her heartbreak first. We end the episode with the confrontation between Lucifer and Pierce, with Lucifer being irate that Pierce would use and break Chloe. Pierce never cared the whole time, and Lucifer was right about him. Bad news.

When we see Lucifer rush to Chloe, we see the heroism and selflessness of his character. He loves Chloe and he will do anything to protect her, regardless of the circumstances. He shows his true colors in this episode and would seem to become what he has always wanted. A man. It took a season of blundering to get there, but get there he did. Even the devil has some humanity.

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