When Ben’s school comes to Mickey with concerns about his actions and performance in class, she defends him. They bring up that he’s been wearing high heels to class, and Mickey feels they discriminated against him so she sends him to an all girls school. Sabrina and Chip spend time with Alba to prove t0 Mickey that they have diverse friends.

Masculine qualities:

  • defends own beliefs
    • when she felt Ben was discriminated against she was not afraid to voice her opinion and verbally attack the principle of the school- “this school is a joke, and not a good one”
    • when one of the parents at the all girls school has a problem with Ben being there due to being labeled a trans student, she defends his saying “Sorry I don’t know anything about a boy in a dress, I know about a darling little girl in a dress. Is that who you’re talking about?”
  • athletic
    • jumps over a giant fence
    • kicks open two doors

Feminine qualities:

  • compassionate
    • showed she cared about Ben no matter what he was interested in and was concerned about the way he was being treated
    • “please cut the kid some slack on his outfits, he’s gender fluid”
  • loyal
    • When Mickey accuses Chip and Sabrina of being “separatists”, they say they’re friends with Alba. Mickey shows loyalty to Alba by standing up for her when she sees the kids don’t know anything about her even though she’s been their housekeeper for years
  • understanding
    • when Ben starts dressing and acting like a girl, she tells him he can be whatever he wants to be and like whoever he wants to like, letting him know she supports him
  • eager to soothe hurt feelings
    • when Ben wants to go back to his old school and is sad about what he did wrong there, Mickey comforts him by telling him he didn’t do anything wrong and that she needs to be better for him

Mickey’s sex role portrayal in S1E11 is more feminine, so stereotypical.

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