Chip meets a girl online and plans to fly her out to meet him. She doesn’t show up at first which crushes Chip’s spirits, but she eventually shows up. Sabrina’s fiancĂ© starts acting like Jimmy (lazy, unmotivated, etc.)

Masculine qualities:

  • strong personality
    • calls Chip pathetic for talking to the girl online
    • she siphons gas because she wants to drive a certain car and when Chip doesn’t understand she comes at him for it
    • keeps making fun of chip for his “webcam girl”
    • at the airport while Chip waits for the girl Mickey takes a video of him laughing and saying “I like that you made your bangs extra big, girls love a big bang”
  • acts as a leader
    • teaches Chip to be a “wolf” and gets him to steal
    • “If you’re going to be a wolf you gotta know how to spot a sheep”
  • willing to take risks
    • Mickey and Alba attempt to frame Chip’s girl by putting their stuff in her bag

Feminine qualities:

  • compassionate
    • Mickey realizes how sad Chip is when the girl doesn’t show up, and feels sorry about it
  • eager to soothe hurt feelings
    • gives an analogy comparing her to a wolf and Chip to a sheep

In S1E12, Mickey’s sex role portrayal is a bit more masculine. Thus, it is not stereotypical.

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