There isn’t a whole lot to unpack in this episode. “The Sinnerman” is an elusive criminal without a face in this season, but in this episode we get to see more about him, when he captures Lucifer, who falls for his trap so easily. There have been a number of murders in this season, some pointing towards the Sinnerman… although the clues don’t make sense. The Sinnerman tells Lucifer that his crimes were bait for the devil and it seems like it worked. The end of the episode sees the Sinnerman captured, but while unattended in the interrogation room, he had gouged out his eyeballs. How grisly! The Sinnerman knew about Lucifer’s trick to get people’s desires out and that it works through eye contact. He gouged out his eyes so that Lucifer couldn’t find out what his deepest desire was.

At one point in the episode, Lucifer goes to see Linda, the therapist, as most devils would. She asks him if angel powers shape his personality, to which he makes up some joke about the Hogwarts houses. However, he says that all he knows is that he was born with them and that they work very well for him. This is interesting, as he always says he hates being the devil in that there is no good without evil. How do his powers work well for him, if he still can’t wrap his mind around who he is and if he is a good man or not? Sometimes it seems like he doesn’t want to find the answers to the questions he asks of himself. Lucifer is technically an angel, albeitĀ fallen, but why can’t he define himself by those traits? He defines himself by the traits of the Devil portrayed throughout pop culture, not by his own. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the ever-fascinating Lucifer Morningstar.

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