Season 1 Episode 21 – TVD “Isobel Analyzed by the Sex Role Perspective

Resisting and Reinforcing Feminine Stereotypes

  • Isobel, Elena’s mother, is introduced into the show. Throughout her appearances, she is constantly resisting feminine stereotypes of being the typical, maternal figure. Isobel is only concerned about her own agenda, and threatens any individual that stands in her way – even her past relationship with her (ex ?) husband, Alaric.
    • Although Isobel ultimately resists the feminine stereotype, at the end of the show she compels Alaric and tells him that she loved and care for him, showcasing her emotional side and reinforcing the female stereotype that women are emotional when it comes to romantic relationships.
  • Additionally, Anna once again reinforces the feminine stereotype of letting her emotions overwhelm her during times of distress. 

Resisting and Reinforcing Masculine Stereotypes

  • Damon attempts to seduce Isobel and use his charming ways to gain information out of her. Damon is resisting the masculine stereotype of using his charismatic side towards women to get what he wants.
  • Jonathan Gilbert is being ordered around by Isobel, resisting the masculine stereotype of holding the power in the relationship dynamic between men and women. 

Shared by: Alexis Masino
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