Season 1 Episode 13 The Vampire Diaries: Children of the Damned Analyzed by the Sex Role Perspective

Reinforcing or Defying Female Stereotypes 

There are flashback scenes of Katherine Pierce interacting with the Salvatore Brothers in the late 1800’s. These scenes showcase Katherine being manipulative and in control of the dynamic between her and them. Katherine even states “I make the rules” to Stefan to assert her dominance. Katherine defies the female stereotype of being submissive by having the upper hand in her relationships.

Anna and Damon go head to head in a power dynamic battle by being physically aggressive towards one another. Anna defies the female stereotype of being gentle and calm by fighting Damon with just as much power.

Reinforcing or Defying Male Stereotypes 

Alaric, the history professor, tries to fight Stefan with aggression, but ultimately fails. His attempt to try to be violent to establish power showcases another example reinforcing toxic masculinity stereotype.

Ben is a character with a sole purpose to help Anna. His submissiveness towards Anna showcases how he is defying the male stereotype of holding the upper hand in his relationship with a woman, and allows her to take control and tell him what to do.

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