Season 1 Episode 12 of The Vampire Diaries: Unpleasantville Analyzed by the Sex Role Perspective

Reinforcing or Defying Female Stereotypes 

Caroline and Elena discussing Caroline’s relationship with Matt showcases an example of women reinforcing the female stereotype of having conversations discussing romantic relationships with men rather than any other topic.

A lot of discussion about accessories and what to wear for the dance between Elena, Caroline and Bonnie. This reinforces the gender stereotype that girls are materialistic, only concerned about  their appearance rather than other matters. 

Anna, a new character introduced, is manipulative and in control of a plan regarding Jeremy Gilbert. She dictates Ben to go along with a secret mission, showcasing how she defies the female stereotype by being dominant. 

Reinforcing or Defying Male Stereotypes 

A vampire man is hunting down Elena and uses violence to assert his power in the situation. This showcases how he is reinforcing the male stereotype of toxic masculinity being associated with physical aggression.

Ben defends Bonnie by speaking aggressively towards Damon and threatens him, another example reinforcing toxic masculinity by being angry and aggressive.

Shared by: Alexis Masino
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