The image above was taken from a movie poster advertisement for the 2015 film, Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is based on the Marvel comic book characters. According to IMDb, this movie ranks in the # 7 spot under the category of the Best Superhero Movies as of 2020. 

Let’s look at the poster as an advertisement, without any backstory at all, using the Goffmanian Analysis: 

  1. Relative Size = Of the nine identifiable characters in the foreground of this poster, only two are female. Both are much smaller in size than the majority of the male characters. This continues to establish a stereotype in film advertising that we expect to see that men will be portrayed as bigger than women to emphasize their importance. 
  2. Licensed Withdrawal = What’s interesting about this film poster is that every character in the foreground, save for Nick Fury’s character, is withdrawing in some way. However it is most common to see females withdrawing from the camera in some way that invites audiences to look at their bodies. While both women are standing in, arguably, a fighting stance, they are still not making eye contact with the camera, suggesting a small sense of inactivity. 

Shared by: Maddie Glosny
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