This is and advertisement for Target clothing ad.

Sex Role Perspective

The ad is for women’s denim jeans and features two women and some clothes that are folded.

The ad reinforces typical feminine characteristics. The women both are perfectly positioned with good posture. They are showing feminine touch with their hand placement on their bodies. The woman on the right is showing withdrawal while looking off into the distance laughing.

The ad also includes things that resist feminine stereotypes. Usually, an ad would include super skinny women. However, this ad includes a plus size model and a woman of color.

Gaze Theory

This ad is not geared towards the male gaze. They know they are targeting women and just show off their product. The women are photographed in a tasteful manner that focuses on the product and not sexualizing women.  This makes sense, because Target is a family oriented store so they do not make very over the top ads.

Shared by: Megan Jasen
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