For my 20th portfolio post I again chose a YSL beauty commercial. This time I analyzed the new Yves Saint Laurent commercial which definitely aimed to present the female lead in a powerful manner. As a result, very few of Goffman’s gender displays were violated

  • Relative size — absent
  • feminine touch — absent? one could argue that at 5 seconds she is performing feminine touch. However, in my opinion she was not, rather, she tugs on her jacket in a tough badass kind of way which I felt simply reinforced the powerful confident female image that they are clearly trying to present.
  • function ranking — absent
  • the family — absent
  • ritualization of subordination — absent
  • licensed withdrawal — absent

Again this commercial lacked a male lead which I think is an important step in the improvement of perfume commercials. I was glad that YSL again chose to advertise for their perfume by presenting women in a powerful self-reliant manner as opposed to the stereotypical delicate female that is far to often present in these commercials.

Shared by: Christopher Zelinski
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